The Sales Generator wants to play a crucial role in your business’s sales process. We aim to be an extension of your sales team with phone-based lead generation, reactivation of former clients and appointment setting.

Between The Sales Generator there is over 50 years of B2B sales experience. We know how to get you to decision makers and are absolutely rabid in our quest to make our clients’ businesses run smoother and most importantly, increase their sales revenue.

We are based in Adelaide, South Australia but our sales careers have taken us all over the world bringing contacts and local knowledge in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin and London (Jono recently learned his favourite ice cream place in Leicester Square has closed down – inconsolable he was).

Wherever you are and whatever business you want to sell to, we can create a solution to pump your sales pipeline full of warm, qualified leads.

The reason we are us.

We don’t understand why so many salespeople hate cold calling. It’s both the first step in making a sale and a really effective way of marketing.

You could spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on TV, Radio or online advertising (we know, we’ve sold it in our past jobs) and not guarantee your hottest prospect will ever see or hear of you.

With an effective cold call on the other hand, your prospect is right there, learns who you are, knows you want to do business with them and agrees to see you in person, all in the space of a couple of minutes.

The Sales Generator’s Principal Jonathon Makai has relished cold calling in every position of his sales career and has always worked by the mantra of the film Field of Dreams, if you build it, they will come.

It = a pipeline
They = sales

It’s probably not the catchiest mantra, but it works. Every time.

Who do you need us to call? Get in touch today.


Available services

Lead Generation

The Sales Generator possesses the lateral thinking to position your sales people for success.

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Appointment Setting

Decades of experience helps us to open up the door you’ve been wanting to get into.

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Reactivating Former Clients

Bringing a former client back on board can be done in less steps than a brand new one.

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Website Content

Let our award nominated creative advertising copywriter create your content.

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Now we’ve introduced ourselves, it’s time you met our people.

Now we’ve introduced ourselves, it’s time you met our people.

Our team of urban professionals combined bring to the place a solid base of experience, expertise, good taste and good old fashioned know how  to get your business across the line.