Jonathon Makai, Principal

You can call him Jono…

Jono has a wealth of direct B2B selling experience. He worked in commercial radio for a decade before spending the last five years assisting clients reach their business goals in the digital world. Having worked with clients in almost every industry imaginable has enabled Jono to assist The Sales Generator clients to discover their USP and build a solid campaign to be able to smash your goals to bits.

Jono is a two-time finalist in the Australian Commercial Radio Awards in separate categories (Best Station Produced Commercial & Best Metropolitan Direct Sales Team) and three-time national TV quiz show contestant. He lost each time, please don’t remind him.

Karen Lyas, The Operations Consultant

Kaz to her friends…

Karen brings multi-continental experience in high-performance corporate cultures to The Sales Generator.  Karen uses her expertise gained from working in the upper-reaches of big four accounting firms and multi-billion dollar family companies to assist in the smooth running of The Sales Generator’s campaigns, assisting our clients to have their sales function ascending unchartered heights.

Also, doesn’t mind a soy latte just quietly.

Melissa Megson, The Master of Administration

The Megaphone…

We’re not saying Melissa is obsessed with Microsoft Excel or anything, but there is a rumour going around that she has a quilt cover at home with her favourite spreadsheet printed on it. Melissa keeps the general office stuff running smoothly and is a bloody champion (her words verbatim).

Peter O’Brien, The Other Guy

Jono likes to call him Obi Wan Kenobi. It hasn’t caught on…

Pete has enjoyed a long and varied career in the world of sales. From big name sports brands to iconic radio stations to large automotive organisations, he has mastered the art of getting through to the decision maker from a cold call, setting a qualified sales appointment and closing the deal.

He’s champing at the bit to get on the phone for your business and start building your sales pipeline. Don’t get him started on how Hawthorn went last season though.

Available services

Lead Generation

The Sales Generator possesses the lateral thinking to position your sales people for success.

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Appointment Setting

Decades of experience helps us to open up the door you’ve been wanting to get into.

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Reactivating Former Clients

Bringing a former client back on board can be done in less steps than a brand new one.

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Website Content

Let our award nominated creative advertising copywriter create your content.

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