Should you be using The Sales Generator?

Are you:

  • A business?

Do you sell to:

  • Other business?

Would you like to:

  • Make more sales?

Are you not sure of:

  • Our use of dot points?

If you answered yes to at least the first three questions, then you should be using The Sales Generator.

Start Ups

You don’t have time to invest big money in marketing and advertising and then hope for the phone to start ringing. We will put you right at the lap of your prospects so you can get your cashflow to start moving both ways (instead of just out).

Medium Businesses

Established small businesses… Let us really zero in on big value clients for you. We also won’t forget what you need to keep the cash flowing as well.

Large Businesses

What exactly can we do for you? Please tell us… The Sales Generator is a perfect partner for your B2B sales team. We expand your resources and add a whole lotta muscle to your sales campaigns and initiatives.

But why outsource?

Let’s say you have a full time phone-based lead generation position in your sales team. You pay them for all the work they do. Of course. Then you also pay them when they’re not working. In fact you pay them full tote odds for:

  • 20 days of annual leave
  • 10 days of personal/sick leave
  • 14 public holidays

That’s 44 days every year that you’re paying your employee when they are not doing any work. Not even counting training days. That’s fair enough if your employee is kicking goals and is everything you want them to be. In our experience, that sort of position in a sales team is transient by nature.

With The Sales Generator, you only pay for work done.

  • We are always here. We are not going to resign because we met a nice girl from Wagga Wagga on Bumble.
  • For comparable dollars of hiring one senior salesperson, your business can get access to our full team of outsourced sales professionals.
  • You don’t have to provide a phone, laptop, office space, electricity, company car, room in the office fridge, an entry in the office footy tip competition.
  • The Sales Generator team brings a wide variety of contacts and relationships that can be leveraged to deliver faster results.

Available services

Lead Generation

The Sales Generator possesses the lateral thinking to position your sales people for success.

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Appointment Setting

Decades of experience helps us to open up the door you’ve been wanting to get into.

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Reactivating Former Clients

Bringing a former client back on board can be done in less steps than a brand new one.

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Website Content

Let our award nominated creative advertising copywriter create your content.

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Now we’ve introduced ourselves, it’s time you met our people.

Now we’ve introduced ourselves, it’s time you met our people.

Our team of urban professionals combined bring to the place a solid base of experience, expertise, good taste and good old fashioned know how  to get your business across the line.